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In another fascinating article from 1926, The Bega District News reports that Dr Barlow, an American missionary in China, was keen to discover a cure for an intestinal worm which claimed hundreds of thousands of victims annualy. Dr Barlow wanted to take the ‘germs’ he had extracted from a dying patient to America, but transportation of germs out of China in containers¬†was forbidden. So he swallowed them! On return to America, he rushed off to John Hopkins University in Balitimore, “where the germs were extracted from him – that is, as many of the original 32 as could be found in his body”. The knowledge gained from examination of the germs made it possible for the medical profession “to perfect plans to fight those germs and save millions of lives…fortunately for science and the human race, Dr Barlow suffered no harm from his magnificent action”.


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The Bega District News of 1926 reports that the aesthetic value of a beautiful woman ‘of normal size’ has been established at about 800 pounds by a court in Belgium.¬† A girl of 17 was run over by a car and a scar remained on her chest. Her family was awarded 100 pounds damages in an action brought against the driver, but being dissatisfied obtained an order from the court that the girl should be examined by a beauty expert. Dr Bremken, after examination, reported that the girl had lost 20% of her aesthetic value. The case was re-heard, and a jury awarded the family 800 pounds damages plus 20% for the loss of aesthetic value, being 960 pounds in all. On that basis – 160 pounds for the loss of 20% of aesthetic value, “a woman’s aesthetic worth is around 800 pounds”.

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