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'Subscriber Trunk Dialling Comes to Cobargo', The Times of Bega & District 24 June 1981
‘Subscriber Trunk Dialling Comes to Cobargo’, The Times of Bega & District 24 June 1981

1981 doesn’t seem that long ago but that was the year Cobargo switched over to an automatic STD exchange. Cobargo was the last location between Sydney and the Victorian border to change over from a manual magneto exchange to automated STD.

Cobargo’s exchange opened in 1910 and was housed in a very small room in the local Post Office serving 159 customers and was staffed by five operators; Maisie Bowtell, Maureen Jessop and Jixie Rose worked during the day and Charles Motby and Alex Tarlinton operated the exchange at night.

With the move to the new STD exchange the Cobargo Cooperative Creamery Butter Company had to give up its telephone number Cobargo 1, which the Company had held for 71 years. Imagine being able to say your telephone number was Cobargo 1!

The new exchange cost $75,000 and had a capacity of 200 lines with another 200 lines available for future use.

Does anyone remember when other towns in the area changed over to an STD exchange? Or do you have a photo of an old exchange system?

Source: “Subscriber trunk dialling comes to Cobargo”, The Times of Bega & District, 24 June 1981.


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